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Friday, July 18th, 2008

Time:11:57 pm.
hii. so my internship is overr.. at least the filming part of it. i hope they involve me in post production. those two months of pre-production and filming were so exhausting- but so awesome. i cant imagine a better first experience. i cant wait to do something like that again. it would be legit if aurora did another film and hired all the same people- ahhh. rumor has it that theyre opening this tv/film studio in norristown in like a year. how perfect would that be? after i graduate a tv studio opens up.. in my town? perfect situation.

right now im lifeless and by that i mean i dont have a job or any obligations. it's yay- but i need to take time to get my life together. a lot to do with school and money thingz. and catching up with frenz-- i need to see my bakery friends asap.. i need to go to florida to get smelly with tom.. i need to have cousin time. this all needs to happen before school starts again. i also still owe alter ego like 500 bucks..that i need to pay before auditions if i want to march again. ahh pressure. oh well. tomorrow ill go to lewisburg and then ill come home and my friends are taking me out for my 21st. yaaay. idk what else to say.
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Friday, June 20th, 2008

Time:12:39 pm.
so, internship.

probably one of the most exhausting things i have ever done. during pre-production we worked from like 9am till 6pm maybe, depending on what our tasks were. that was just a lot of cleaning, painting, mulching, moving furniture and tons of other things. were filming in this abandoned mental institution and there are two buildings. we cleaned SO MUCH- including this room we spent two days in getting it perfect that we ended up NOT USING. i was so bullshit- i spent two days cleaning the windows inside and outside, and there are a ton of windows! a bird got caught inbetween the windows and the storm windows the one time i cleaned from the outside.. and a week later i opened that window to get some air in, and the bird was still alive! it flew in my face and i screamed. and no one else was in the building at the time- so scary! anyway, so we painted the longest hallway in the history of hallways. mostly the trim of all the doors, that took DAYS. i was so over painting. idk.

we started filming last saturday. longest days EVER. we have had to start as early as 7, which isnt THAT THAT bad, but we live an hour away so i usually have to get up at like 5:15. awful. we usually go till 8ish, with the exception of the other day when we filmed at a cabin and went till 11pm. longest day ever. but it's been pretty awesome so far- depending on what department i'm working with. wardrobe is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me. i HATED it. the first day was okay with them- i drove them around and shopped with them. which was cool. i picked out earrings for doris roberts and shoes for cameron. after that, they thought i was like, THEIR intern and had me IRONING and STEAMING clothes for HOURS. in a room by myself. it was TERRIBLE. i didnt sign up for this thinking that i would be doing that. so i told the production coordinator and she had me go back where i was originally supposed to be which is art department. i really like art department- and it's AWESOME when i get to be on set. i could never do that with wardrobe. art handles everything that has to do with setting up the set.. and props. we have to restore the set and the props every time they do a take- which is fun cause its just running onto the set between takes and setting up again. and if that means handing cybill shephard her purse every time, so be it. art has a lot of different tasks other than that though- ive had to drive around to places to pick things up, which i dont have a problem with cause i always take their cars and i like driving. um.. a million other random tasks too. yay. who knows of the band live? you would know if you heard their songs. their lead guitarist, chad taylor owns the company i work with. what a rock star- lol. i got to drive his escalade the other day! fine, it was just in a parking lot, but still.

the actors are awesome. cybill and i have basically become best friends and she called me her "best champ" the other day LOL. ernest is a fucking fossil but it's amazing to watch him act because he is just so good. richard schiff is good too but he's a little high maintenance when it comes to who is on the set- no one he doesnt recognize and no one in his frame of sight. cameron is 14 and is SUCH a cool kid- hes the bully from Click who got hit in the head with a baseball. me and his mom are pretty tight. sunkrish has an awesome personality and is so cute too! hes from notes from the underbelly, which ive never even watched but have heard of. doris and piper and amber and whoever else havent come in yet though.

w/e bye
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Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Time:3:08 am.
lj used to be so fun. although i'm really embarrassed about how i used to talk, i'm glad that i have this database of memories from the core of my teenage years. how would i even remember that shit if i didnt have this!?

it's so hard to even figure out things to write about in here. i always say that. i'm a senior in college- which is kinda wild. whats even more wild is that andria graduated and marielle is about to. so did dilks. what the fuck.

i still live with steph. it's so funny that when i first moved in freshman year i was totally annoyed by her and even said some things in lj about her. it didnt help that i had a really bad influence in my life at that time- which basically forced me to think negative things about people i care about. god. how awful. anyway. ive never heard of anyone living with the same person all four years of college- in the same room. we're about to accomplish that. right now it's only her and i in the apartment cause christie and heather went home for the summer. she's taking some classes for the first summer session so she's here for another month. after that i'll be alone! christie usually cleans and keeps this place in order and steph and i are the messiest two people you will ever meet- so its been kinda nasty at times- but we're trying to keep up with it :)

i'm staying for the summer cause i have an internship. finally! i've been really wanting one. the company is aurora films & production. theyre in lancaster, so clearly it would make sense for me to live at my apartment for the summer instead of going home. theyre shooting their first movie in harrisburg this summer- it's called "another harvest moon". so, i'm excited to be a bitch on a movie set all summer. they keep pushing back the start date though, but apparently we are starting on tuesday for good. thank god! i really want to start already. heres the IMDB for the movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1129404/ it's legit! i dont know how big the movie will be- im doubting it will ever even be in theatres. maybe it will. idk.

im not marching this summer- for the first time in 8 years. exciting. im going to have a life and be a big kid. im also over it right now cause i marched last summer and then the winter- which was hard as fuck being so far away from where im marching. we won wgi though- so yay.

ummm okay. ive had enough.
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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Time:1:49 pm.
ugh its been so long! i havent even read my friends page in months. i'm doing well- moved into my apartment at millersville. junior now. made some dollars over the summer at the day care. had an amazing summer with bush and won colorguard again. ill be back when i find more things to say.
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Monday, April 30th, 2007

Subject:WIND IT UP!
Time:7:47 pm.
i have an electronics test tomorrow that i need to study for, but i feel like writing here instead.

hi. writing in LJ is really hard anymore. i just cant find things to say that people would care about. w/e.

i think i never updated about this, but my summer plans are to once again march bush and work at the day care. i know i wrote about bush at the end of last summer- but basically i love it there and i'm REALLY happy about my decision to march there. i will have two summers after this summer before i age out and i do plan on marching div1, but i am very happy about where I am right now. We had a camp this past weekend. it's one i will never forget so i feel like talking about it.

friday night i took the train to newark and scott picked me up. later on i walked to applebee's with aimee and paris and WE GOT EGGED ON THE WAY. who does thatttttt. it was all over my foot. so fucking gross. okay but honestly WHO has eggs to waste like that in newark?!! eggs on the street are a delicacy there. get serious. when we got there i went to wash my feet in the bathroom and they told the waiter that it was my birthday. mmmm free birthday brownie! it was funny because i was JUST saying how good their brownies are before they came and sung to me. great.

saturday was like. just guard. the corps has a new site though and its FUCKING WONDERFUL. like, everything you could ask for. grass, wal*mart, really nice McD's for sitting and eating other food, dunkin donuts, grocery store, BK, pizza place, dollar store, porn store i think, mandee's. it's amazinggg. that day it rained but just for a bit- picking up right where we left off! not really though, nothing will ever compare to prelims 06 and the practice before it. we learned fun stuff and my shoulder is really cut up because of rolling on the grass.
sunday we learned drill and did 8,002 switch leapz. yay, w/e.

So we got in the car on the way to the train station and saw that the soonest train to leave newark was at 6:32. no way we can make that. but if i dont take that, i wont get to philly in time to get on that train to lancaster. so we drove SO FAST and i RAN my ass inside there and my train was pulling out as i was running up the stairs :(. missed it.
back to scott's.
so i talked to tom who happened to be coming down from UMass and was planning on getting on that same train a few hours later in NYC. he was staying in temple last night, so we decided that i'd get on the train with him at 11:30 and go to philly and stay there and get back to MU in the morning before my 10:00 class.
so I get on the train with him. we're heading to trenton where we have to switch trains to get to philly.
great. GREAT GREAT great. STUCK in Trenton. only choice=cab.
cab= $96.00. awesome.
so we get to philly. we want to get off on broad st at temple. WHICH IS NORTH. THIS I/WE KNOW. the driver is going south. we warn him and he's not having any of it. we get down to citizens bank park. OKAY YOU CANT GET MUCH MORE SOUTH BROAD ST THAN THAT. "now i'm confused" -driver.
yeh. so we turn around and eventually get to temple. walk to nick's, sleep for 3.5 hours. up at 6:30. run to train to get to 30th st. station. 30th street to lancaster. roomie picks me up. school. walk up ridic hill that i didnt know existed. class.
nap all afternoon.
absolute hell. what an expensive weekend. i'm so glad tom was there though. wow. so fucking glad.

i want to go to wildwood next week. need a riiiiiiide.

i'm excited for this summer. i'm over school and the drama that my friends are.
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Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Time:3:30 am.
IM SOOO MAD RIGHT NOW. SO MAD. SO MAD OMG. i dont care if he's a dick IM SO ANGRY.
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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Time:11:40 pm.
omg stop. just stop. no one feels bad for you anymore. STOP.
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Sunday, February 4th, 2007

Time:7:58 am.
okay i really have no reason to write in here but i seriously have nothing else to do. sometimes when i drink the night before, ill wake up wicked early (like 9:30 LOL) and for a second i feel like i could be awake all day but i usually pass out again and sleep till 12. this time i woke up at 6:30, chugged a bottle of water, brushed my teeth, did the email facebook myspace thing and tried to go back to sleep. no. its 8am now and clearly i did not go back to sleep. a) because the sun came up and its like. real bright. (wow my english is great) b) ive been coughing insanely. ive had this cough for three weeks now. THREE WEEKS. ive taken meds and all and i still have this nasty cough. c) i really just cant sleep. i have to be up in an hour and a half anyway. what to do what to do. the gym isnt open yet. i would never be up this early if i didnt have to be. today is super bowl sunday. i really dont care about any of the teams playing, so i have no desire to watch it. i think the only time i ever watched the entire super bowl was when the eagles were in it. last year i'm pretty sure steph and i took a nap. and i picked up my computer from boyer. i miss having a computer. my mom said she'd send me hers, but its in storage in georgia and ethan has to help her get it out and then they have to weigh it and see how much it costs to send, so she's all "maybe" about it now. boooo. i think im gonna try to lay down for a while because i'm going to be exhausted later on if i dont. and i have an incredible amount of work to do this week so i dont have time for naps. okay. this rant is over.
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Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Time:7:26 pm.

ok first off lets talk about how we're not even three weeks into the semester and lenhardt has already has 6 fire drillsss? two being last night and one the night before. oh and last week's when i was in the shower.. awww my first in the shower fire alarm experience. special.

anyway, things have been pretty good. classes are going pretty well. i already feel like im falling behind in some of them though, which isnt good. but i honestly cant keep up with all the reading sometimes. oh well. i'm slightly intimidated by my tv class though and thats only because changfu chang's (sweet name) english isnt that great and he talks really fast. and my electronics class too a little because thats really not my thing and i feel like everyone else is better/faster at it.

i've been kind of blah lately because-okay- i dont want to make it sound like i'm saying "I WANT A BOYFRIEND"

(for the fucking record i just lost the rest of this entry. i had the above saved. damnie.)

anyway, i'm not saying that i need a boyfriend, but really recently (the past week) steph and evan turned into a thing and christie and mike have a thing going on too. both of those two "couples" are on dates right now. and theyve been hanging out everyyyy night. its just really awkward when the i have to hang out with the four of them in my room or something and theyre all cuddley and coupley. and i cant go anywhere bc its late at night and heather is with kyle or something. i dont have a problem with any of this, it just fucking sucks for me. im really not the kind of girl who thinks she neeeeeeeeeeds a boyfriend, becuase i dont. but when im with the rest of them, or theyre all together and i have no one to hang out with, i want one. im not gonna lie, a big part of this is that i'm jealous. i'm jealous that those two have guys chasing after them at all times and if my life depended on a guy looking at me, i would be dead. its whatever though, i guess i just need to be patient.

ps i am making a whole bunch of my old entries (from when i was like, 13) private, so if you want to read them and laugh at me, do it now cause they wont be public forever. i'm doing it because they are extremely embarrassing. i used to say things like "ima bizounce" and "one love". LOLOLOL. i was so gangsta. i really had no choice though. i was 13 and was growing up in pottsgrove. who can you blame. honestly. but why did i have friends back then? why didnt anyone slap me? if i'm ever that immature again (not including the above paragraph LOL) please tell me. damn.

pps i'm really blonde right now.
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Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Time:3:20 pm.

10:00-10:50 Comm. 326- Broadcast Workshop
12:00-12:50 Geog. 141- Comparitive Regional Geography
3:30-4:45 Comm. 201- Theory of Communication

11:00-12:15 Comm. 321- TV Production
12:45-2:50 Itec. 261- Electronic Systems

Same as Monday

Same as Tuesday

Same as Monday, only no 3:30 class.

Pretty sweet schedule. I never have to get up REALLY early. The only thing I can complain about is lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I only have a half hour so basically I RUN to Gordinier or the Galley, throw food in my mouth, and run to Osburn. I went to the gym every day so far (fine, all two days) and I plan on going at least five times a week. Okay I wrote a lot more but I erased it because I'm on Steph's computer and she's back. OKAY.
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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Time:9:49 pm.
so far..

i lost 6 lbs. since the last time i checked, new years.
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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Time:2:17 pm.
i'm holding in my laughter SO HARD right now, sitting in the upper merion township library.

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Monday, January 1st, 2007

Subject:i wanna do it
Time:1:44 am.
2006 In The Beginning......

Where did you ring in the New Year? Mary Peeler's!
Who were you with? mary, lisa, peter, matt, chris...i forget who else
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? no girl!
Did you make any resolutions? no

2006 Your Love Life....

Single/Taken? single the the majority of it
How many relationships did you have? i wouldnt even consider it one.. so none.
How many break ups? i dont know how to explain it. it doesnt count. REALLY. it doesnt count.

2006 Friends and Enemies......

Did you meet any new friends this year? yes i did! more at school, bush
Did any of your friendships end? HAHA yes. YES. thank god. i wouldnt consider a frienship though.
Did you dislike anyone? i hate a few people more than anything else in the entire world.
Did you get into any fights? yes
Did you make any new enemies? yes! a few people.
Did you resolve any fights? i guess.

2006....The Holidays!

Did you have a Valentine? dont want to talk about it. ha.
Did the Easter bunny visit you? does santa claus come on christmas? um yesss!
Did you watch fireworks on the 4th of July? i dont remember. i dont think so though. i think i sat in my house enbracing the non parade
Did you dress up for Halloween? yes! halloween lasted about 6 days for me.
What did you do for Thanksgiving? i took a train to chicago. all day. missed out on family. i regret it. yeah.
Did you make a list of gifts for the holidays? no i told my dad i wanted a massage and didnt get it. lol
Did you receive what you wanted? no but i got other stuff
Were you good this holiday season? chyeah.

2006 Your BIRTHDAY!!!

How old did you turn? 19
Did you have a cake? yep ms. pat made me one at work
What did you do for your birthday? went to work! then the mall and out to eat with dad
Did you have a party? nope.
Did you get any presents? a few

2006......The Memories and Accomplishments!
Funniest Memory? "s'ville... why arent you moving?" -miller.... okay you had to be there. it wasnt the funniest but its the only thing i can think of. i laughed pretty hard.
Saddest Memory? finding out the truth about ryan.
Funest Memory? bushwackers and college
Peaceful Memory? looking at the tree in nyc two nights ago
Exciting Memory? college, bush, having a full time job (lol exciting?)
Happiest Memory? bwcg06 finals night
Best Accomplishment? bwcg06 finals night


Favorite TV show? will & grace, next, CSI: Miami
Favorite songs? a lot
Favorite food? perogies (me too!!)
Favorite brands/clothes? ae
Favorite restaurants? Chili's as always
Favorite piece of clothing? my MU intramural champion shirt!!

2006.....All about YOU....

Did you change at all this year? yes, I cant imagine someone not changing, growing or learning in a year (good answer :) )
Was 2006 a good year? it had its ups and down. but i am alive and healthy and thats all that matters.
Did 2006 bring any new insights? oh yes!
Do you think 2007 will top 2006? i REALLY hope so.
Do you have any goals for 2007? aha. yes. boyfriend, lose weight (i am getting serious about it now! ha.)
Do you wish 2006 wouldn't end? im fine with that.
Do you plan to do anything special for NYE 2007? haha i already did.
Who will you be kissing at Midnight? girl no one!
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Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Time:8:30 pm.
so things have been going pretty well lately. mostly everything that has nothing to do with colorguard. i cant complain about pretty much anything in the past week. christmas day was spent with my mom, dad and brother. the four of us being together is absolutely unheard of. and it was really, really nice. i felt like by the end of the day i was trying to drag things out so that it would last longer. that night i found out that bobbi jo, my sister in law, is pregnant. i have never been an aunt before, so this is a pretty big deal for me.
the day after christmas i got to go to my uncle dan and aunt julie's with some of the reedy's and that was special. david told us about his 3 girlfriends and i gave juliet(te?) the cutest bath in the sink. she is my twin.
wednesday i worked all day. WHEW. i almost forgot how tired i get after working at the day care.
thursday i worked but only till like 1. that night Rachael with an A picked me up and we went to her house in west chester and had SO MUCH FUN OMG. i love her SO MUCH. she's amazing. as i mentioned previously, we watched the 03 tour video. (WTF was i doing at the west chester show. like. i was SO animated in those terrible close ups.) that year is def a favorite. went to bed at like 4am.
friday we woke up early and showered and ran around wc to get some things done. we then picked up andria and were on our way to the ADP. ADP=annual december party. AKA the best part of my life. that night us 3, mare, annie and tatiana went to new york city. but not before we got schnozered in the basement and had dusty freak out on us. we saw the tree and imagined our future as best friends living in the city together. when we got back we SLEPT.
yesterday we drove home. i went out to dinner last night with mom and tommy at chili's (my favorite resturant!) and i got the usual. my fucking corn was COLD though. so i got a new one and that was even colder. boooo. last night christie, laurie and i went to club flow. flowwww.
today cv and i visited heather! and then she dropped me off and andria picked me up and now i am here at her house. :) :) tomorrow i will see mom again, here and then she goes back to valdosta on tuesday morning.

best week in a while.
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Friday, December 29th, 2006

Time:9:54 am.
i wish i updated more. i'm at rachael's house in west chesterrr and we're getting quality time in before she is off to california. in a few minutes we will be heading to the annual december party- one of my favorite events of the year. christmas was great. i got to see my mom and i found out that i am going to be an aunt! i am so very excited. last night we watched the 03 tour video and loved every moment of it. my hair smells really good. my computer is shot. my mom is going to send me hers when she gets back to georgia. i'm happy about that. we're an hour behind schedule. YOU CAN'T TEXT MESSAGE BREAK UP! betch.
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Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Time:5:53 pm.
RIP S'Ville

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Monday, December 4th, 2006

Time:5:11 pm.
mad right now. 9oclock class cancelled last week. so i go to my 10oclock class which is so far. SO FAR away. lenhardt to lyte is NOT a short walk. in this weather. my group was supposed to have a meeting after class but she didnt show. and i checked my email when i got back and there was the "class cancelled" email. i check my email every morning, but not this morning. when i REALLY should have. and then i couldnt fall back asleep. LOL life is sooooooooooo rough sometimes.

yesterday steph and i were in the studio working on our metals projects. steph's HAIR caught on FIRE. like- dead serious FLAMES. i know i say this about a lot of things, but it was honestly one of the funniest things i have EVER seen in my life. i just like screamed STEPHANIE!! and started swatting at it. hilarious.
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Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Time:8:13 pm.
Thanksgiving Break.
Went home Tuesday to Gram's. SWEET. Wednesday I visited the day care for a few hours. Then I got a HAIRCUT! I got angles in the front and layers. For me, it's short. But still looong. Hmm. Aunt Mon came that night- good to spend time with her and Gram.
Thursday morning I left for Phantom auditions. Caught the train in Philly at 12:42. Picked up Tom in the Lanc, he ALMOST missed it. Asshole. Got to Pittsburgh around 8 and had FOUR hours to wait there in this lamesauce train station. The city was DEAD because it was Thanksgiving. We walked around and found this pizza place though. Thank God.
Got to Chicago Friday morning, after being woken up by this man who was on the phone all night, loud as hell. Talking about going to a strip club to see "butt nekid hoes". !!??! Can you get serious?
We got to shop in the city for a bit. Only went in Urban, but it was good enough. I got two shirts and some undies. We caught the Subway to O'Hare and from there got on the bus. Eventually we found Dilks and Kenny, along with Karen and some Bush kids.
Friday night we did body. And learned this beautiful dance. Love it.
Saturday morning we did a lot of improv, which was AMAZING. My group did the bird one and we were allowed to leave whenever, so when I heard "Melody" in the song, I knew it was my turn to leave. lol. No one else left for like 25 seconds after that, so I had a really long solo. blah. The rest of the weekend was spent spinning. I spun both weapons. The work was awesome/hard to learn. Always wish I had more time.
Blahblahblah.. don't really feel like writing much else about it. My audition was TERRIBLE. But I really don't think that has anything to do with my standing (lol cutttt. over it. so was a 5 year vet?) I was kinda mad that all my evaluation said was some tiny detail about my hipsocket- um, thanks for the feedback? Oh well. I was disappointed at first, but like I said, I'm pretty over it. Congrats to Tom though<3 and Jim Watkins(euph)!
The ride home wasn't so bad. I'm actually proud of us for pulling that off. Train to Chicago, through the city to the subway, subway to the airport, to the bus center, bus to elgin, elgin to huntley and back again. yayy.
2.5 more weeks of school. ready for this semester to be over, def.
Monday night made me happy.
Last night we watched Silent Hill. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.
Now I need to do my music project.
I have things in mind for next summer. I do.
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Saturday, November 18th, 2006

Time:8:12 am.

Not happy.

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Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

Time:3:51 am.

i just remembered how much i hate scheduling.

and going almost last every time.

and every time you think "oh that class would be great and i can finish up my G3's!" or something. it's CLOSED. and every section of it is closed. and the vision of the word "closed" haunts you. closedclosedclosed. everything is CLOSED.

and by the way housing can suck my dick. its a long story but thanks to KYLEFISHER we are on the waiting list for wellness/brookwood. kyle is amazing. but dont tell heather i said that.

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