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2006 In The Beginning......

Where did you ring in the New Year? Mary Peeler's!
Who were you with? mary, lisa, peter, matt, chris...i forget who else
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? no girl!
Did you make any resolutions? no

2006 Your Love Life....

Single/Taken? single the the majority of it
How many relationships did you have? i wouldnt even consider it one.. so none.
How many break ups? i dont know how to explain it. it doesnt count. REALLY. it doesnt count.

2006 Friends and Enemies......

Did you meet any new friends this year? yes i did! more at school, bush
Did any of your friendships end? HAHA yes. YES. thank god. i wouldnt consider a frienship though.
Did you dislike anyone? i hate a few people more than anything else in the entire world.
Did you get into any fights? yes
Did you make any new enemies? yes! a few people.
Did you resolve any fights? i guess.

2006....The Holidays!

Did you have a Valentine? dont want to talk about it. ha.
Did the Easter bunny visit you? does santa claus come on christmas? um yesss!
Did you watch fireworks on the 4th of July? i dont remember. i dont think so though. i think i sat in my house enbracing the non parade
Did you dress up for Halloween? yes! halloween lasted about 6 days for me.
What did you do for Thanksgiving? i took a train to chicago. all day. missed out on family. i regret it. yeah.
Did you make a list of gifts for the holidays? no i told my dad i wanted a massage and didnt get it. lol
Did you receive what you wanted? no but i got other stuff
Were you good this holiday season? chyeah.

2006 Your BIRTHDAY!!!

How old did you turn? 19
Did you have a cake? yep ms. pat made me one at work
What did you do for your birthday? went to work! then the mall and out to eat with dad
Did you have a party? nope.
Did you get any presents? a few

2006......The Memories and Accomplishments!
Funniest Memory? "s'ville... why arent you moving?" -miller.... okay you had to be there. it wasnt the funniest but its the only thing i can think of. i laughed pretty hard.
Saddest Memory? finding out the truth about ryan.
Funest Memory? bushwackers and college
Peaceful Memory? looking at the tree in nyc two nights ago
Exciting Memory? college, bush, having a full time job (lol exciting?)
Happiest Memory? bwcg06 finals night
Best Accomplishment? bwcg06 finals night


Favorite TV show? will & grace, next, CSI: Miami
Favorite songs? a lot
Favorite food? perogies (me too!!)
Favorite brands/clothes? ae
Favorite restaurants? Chili's as always
Favorite piece of clothing? my MU intramural champion shirt!!

2006.....All about YOU....

Did you change at all this year? yes, I cant imagine someone not changing, growing or learning in a year (good answer :) )
Was 2006 a good year? it had its ups and down. but i am alive and healthy and thats all that matters.
Did 2006 bring any new insights? oh yes!
Do you think 2007 will top 2006? i REALLY hope so.
Do you have any goals for 2007? aha. yes. boyfriend, lose weight (i am getting serious about it now! ha.)
Do you wish 2006 wouldn't end? im fine with that.
Do you plan to do anything special for NYE 2007? haha i already did.
Who will you be kissing at Midnight? girl no one!
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