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i have an electronics test tomorrow that i need to study for, but i feel like writing here instead.

hi. writing in LJ is really hard anymore. i just cant find things to say that people would care about. w/e.

i think i never updated about this, but my summer plans are to once again march bush and work at the day care. i know i wrote about bush at the end of last summer- but basically i love it there and i'm REALLY happy about my decision to march there. i will have two summers after this summer before i age out and i do plan on marching div1, but i am very happy about where I am right now. We had a camp this past weekend. it's one i will never forget so i feel like talking about it.

friday night i took the train to newark and scott picked me up. later on i walked to applebee's with aimee and paris and WE GOT EGGED ON THE WAY. who does thatttttt. it was all over my foot. so fucking gross. okay but honestly WHO has eggs to waste like that in newark?!! eggs on the street are a delicacy there. get serious. when we got there i went to wash my feet in the bathroom and they told the waiter that it was my birthday. mmmm free birthday brownie! it was funny because i was JUST saying how good their brownies are before they came and sung to me. great.

saturday was like. just guard. the corps has a new site though and its FUCKING WONDERFUL. like, everything you could ask for. grass, wal*mart, really nice McD's for sitting and eating other food, dunkin donuts, grocery store, BK, pizza place, dollar store, porn store i think, mandee's. it's amazinggg. that day it rained but just for a bit- picking up right where we left off! not really though, nothing will ever compare to prelims 06 and the practice before it. we learned fun stuff and my shoulder is really cut up because of rolling on the grass.
sunday we learned drill and did 8,002 switch leapz. yay, w/e.

So we got in the car on the way to the train station and saw that the soonest train to leave newark was at 6:32. no way we can make that. but if i dont take that, i wont get to philly in time to get on that train to lancaster. so we drove SO FAST and i RAN my ass inside there and my train was pulling out as i was running up the stairs :(. missed it.
back to scott's.
so i talked to tom who happened to be coming down from UMass and was planning on getting on that same train a few hours later in NYC. he was staying in temple last night, so we decided that i'd get on the train with him at 11:30 and go to philly and stay there and get back to MU in the morning before my 10:00 class.
so I get on the train with him. we're heading to trenton where we have to switch trains to get to philly.
great. GREAT GREAT great. STUCK in Trenton. only choice=cab.
cab= $96.00. awesome.
so we get to philly. we want to get off on broad st at temple. WHICH IS NORTH. THIS I/WE KNOW. the driver is going south. we warn him and he's not having any of it. we get down to citizens bank park. OKAY YOU CANT GET MUCH MORE SOUTH BROAD ST THAN THAT. "now i'm confused" -driver.
yeh. so we turn around and eventually get to temple. walk to nick's, sleep for 3.5 hours. up at 6:30. run to train to get to 30th st. station. 30th street to lancaster. roomie picks me up. school. walk up ridic hill that i didnt know existed. class.
nap all afternoon.
absolute hell. what an expensive weekend. i'm so glad tom was there though. wow. so fucking glad.

i want to go to wildwood next week. need a riiiiiiide.

i'm excited for this summer. i'm over school and the drama that my friends are.
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